Ministry of information to encounter disinformation campaigns

The Ministry of Culture and Information, on Thursday, stressed that it will encounter the disinformation campaign launched by some social media plattforms whic distribute the rumors and false news that damage the reputatuion and image of the country.

The ministry said in press statement that the government has been closely following the increase of systematic campaign being circulted through social media plattforms to disrupt democracy and civilian rule.

“The investigation conducted has revealed numerous social media accounts and pages that are  systematically running disinformation campaigns *and coordinated inauthentic behaviour by* spreading false, unfounded news through the spread of hate speech, racism, and incitement to violence. The investigation has further revealed that the platforms and accounts are linked to the ousted regime as well as terrorist organizations”the statement said.

It underlined that  *most* of these accounts and pages have been registered outside of Sudan in countries that host members of the ousted regime or terrorist groups.

The statement went to say “Based on this investigation, the Cabinet of Ministers has engaged the governments of the aforementioned countries to alert them of the situation and potential dangers due to the fact that such terrorist organizations are linked to the ousted regime”

The statement added that the  government has also engaged social media companies to take action against those accounts and pages spreading disinformation.

The Ministry of Information and Culture stresses that these actions do not target freedom of speech rights in Sudan, which is considered as one of the pillars of the December 19 revolution. At the same time, the ministry emphasizes its right to take all necessary legal action against any attempt to spread rumors, false news, or disinformation that breach the ethical and professional rules of journalism and media.