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Bilad Al Sudan “ Sudan “ is the name of the part that located South the Grater Desert , and stre…… from the West ( Atlantic Ocean ) to the East ( Red sea and Indian Ocean ) now Sudan means the area which located south Egypt , in the central part of the River Nile Basin .

It was reported in Toarch and the Assyrian texts , that the word “ Kush “ meant Sudan .

The name Sudan also means “ the blocks “ in the Greece’s language

The Sudan with its present borders , has known since the Turkish Era [19th century A.D.] . it occupies vast area of the Nile Basin , and links Europe , the Mediterranean countries and central Africa . it has always maintained contacts with its neighbors and regional arena since ancient times



The Geographical location :

Sudan is located in the northeastern part of the African continent between latitudes 04 – and 22 degrees north of the Equator , and longitudes 22 and 38 east . it occupies a central location between Africa and the Arab world .

Area :

The area of Sudan is 2.5 million square Kilometers [ about one million square miles ] .It is the ninth biggest country in the world , and one of the biggest Arab and African countries in terms of area , it assumes 8.3 percent of the area of the African continent . its size equal s 10 folds of the total area of Britain , or size the size of France , Britain , Italy , Spain , Portugal , Belgium , Sweden , and Norway collectively




Climate :

The climate of Sudan ranges gradually from desert semi-desert belt in the Northern part of the country , to the central part , to a heavy rain equatorial belt in the Southern part of the country .



Sudan has an estimated population of 39 million ( April 2009 census ) .



National Anthem :sudanlogo

We are the army of Allah and of our land …….. we shall fail when called to sacrifice

Whether braving death , hardship or pain ………we give our lives as the price of glory

May this our land , live long , showing ……..all nations the way

Sons of the Sudan , summoned now to serve ……shoulder the task of preserving our country


The emblem of Sudan demonstrates the picture of the “ secretary Bird “ with the wings spread up word there is a frame linking the tow winks of the strong bird and the phrase “victory is for us “ written on it.

There is an arched frame at the base of the emblem where the phrase “the public of Sudan “ is inscribed the emblem was adopted during the first half of 1970 during the rule of ex-president Gafaar Nemeri (1969 – 1985 ) , replacing the previous emblem which resembled the rhino .

The secretary Bird has a grate might and flies at very high shies and had very sharp sight .

It can flies for long distance and it is dominate in the areas of Kordufan , Darfur , Blue Nile and in some comparatively arid zones in the southern part of the country .

The flag :palnsudan

It is compose of three rectangular string of red , white , black colors ( form up downward ) .

There is a green triangle in the part near the ………. With ……….. that   equal one third of the total length of the flag . the indications of the flag are as follows :

The red color depicts the struggle , the white color stands as a token for peace and optimism , while . the black color represents the Mahdist state which has been widely considered by Sudanese people as a nucleus of the modern Sudan .