[Petroleum, Power, & minerals]


Exploration in the field of petroleum started during the fifties in the red sea specifically by the French Agip Company in 1959 , followed by other companies , including the American chevron which explored gas and condensate gas in Sawkin Bloc no(1)in and Bashaier well NO(1) in 1976pitrol1

Following extensive studies, Chevron Company won concession in central Sudan in 1974 making number of explorations in Al Muglad and Mallout concession areas .in1992, an agreement was conducted between Sudan Government and Chevron Company by which the latter will transfer its concession to the government under special arrangements
Same then , the general Administration for Crude Oil Exploration adopted the Blocks System in allotting the sedimentary basins .Eventually agreements were signed with :the Greater Nile Company; Canadian Oil Company ,Gulf Oil Company ,and China National Petroleum Company , besides other companies .After relentless efforts , Sudan was able to exploit its oil wealth through consortium known Greater Nile Petroleum company {G N P O C},set up in 1946and started exporting oil an August 30,.1999.

Average daily output {2004} reached about 300/000{Block 6}.
By the end of 2007, the emerge daily output rose to 500/000 barrel per day.

Oil Pipelines:-

Oil pipelines are important infrastructure in a vast country like Sudan

. Besides oil pipelines are fast, secure, and low – cost transport means. In Sudan there are now six pipelines, four of them are for transferring crude oil from oil fields to export harbors on red Sea coast and the remaining two for oil derivatives.