The ministry of Information

SAM_0603 This the last name given to the ministry as its name has been fluctuated   due to the changes and modifications of the ministry structure until it reached to the current position. A thing that put many responsibility on it.

The Information work had started since the first issue of press law in1930, as the general communication Office had begun its task under the supervision of the Administrative Secretary of Sudan Government. In 1940, Sudan radio has been established, beside the photography department, and Cinema production Department.

Through its various historical periods the ministry had given many names, as in 1973 its name had been modified to the Ministry of culture and information until the last reshuffle when a republican decree NO (12), dated 28 Feb 2001 was issued and it became the Ministry of Information and Communication . Since 2013 its name is Ministry of Information.

Vision :

To lay down, free , capable , and effective information system .

Mission :

  • To express issues, and to includes the diversity of Sudan in order to enforce the national unity .
  • To base the concept of identity , belonging , and deepen the religious values .
  • To manifest the bright image of Sudan externally.
  • To develop the system of information.


  1. To develop a strong information structure.
  2. To form a partnership between the state and the private sector considering the information instruments. .
  3. To cover all Sudan with information, and providing citizens with information.
  4. To express society values, its believes to all strata, and to enforce the values of national unity .
  5. To call for Peace and enhancing the option of national unity.
  6. To provide a precise, correct, and modern information.
  7. To give political and social awareness towards national issues, and demonstrate the local and external polices to citizens.
  8. To provide precise and correct information to the international community regarding political issues related to Sudan.
  9. To provide information for researchers interested in Sudanese affairs and field of media in particular.


Functions :

  • To propose the information plans, its planning and supervised the implementation of its programs and projects.
  • To inform citizens in and out of Sudan with the various national issues, its political, economical, social and cultural events beside the welfare of creative persons   .
  • To employ the media for building the unity and to fix concept of identity, belonging and deepen the religious values.
  • To manifest Sudan capabilities, its available opportunities in fields of investment, economics, finance, tourism, and to reflect the natural and cultural diversity.
  • To serve the country’s foreign policy externally.
  • To follow –up public opinion trends and measurement, and to give opportunities for expression and opinions, in addition to widen the services of information to the beneficiaries.
  • To supervise on the organization and licensing of TV and Broadcast work.
  • To set the bases and to adopt technical measures for the equipment, multimedia, beside monitoring and controlling them.
  • To set the plans to develop the information system.