Dinder National Park:-

Several natural reserves are found in Sudan, the most famous of amichi is Al- Dinder National Park, the largest in the region.
The Park has an area of 3500 square miles located at the southern part of Sinar State, and dinder1was established as anatural reserve in 1935.
It is rich in diverse natural erwiroments, wildlife, birds, and creepers,as well as lions, other wild animals, hawks, the settled and migrating birds, ostriches, pelicans, elephants, bufflos, gazelles, Roan antelopes, in addition to other wildlife species.


AL – Radoum Reserve:-

It lies in western Sudan, in which live many rinds and varieties of wildlife animals and turtles. It has fascinating environment.

Red Sea Coast:-

In this region, are can enjoy beautiful scene of Sanganaib Island, Arous Tourist Village, coral reefs, and diving in the Red Sea Coast, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful place worldwide. Other tourist areas include Jebel Marra in Western Darfur Region with its fine moderate climate, and fascinate rapture, as well as Erkawet, Resort lies on high plateau on the Red sea mountains was of Port Sudan Town with moderate climate, and the Sabaloqa Cataract northern Khartoum.