Ethnography Museum:
Sudan National Ethnography Museum was inaugurated in 1959, it had witnessed an arrangement for many times with a philosophy of new show method. It opens for visitors daily except Monday. Lately in 2003 it had been subjected to a new rearrangement and divided into a cultural domain.
Natural History museum:
This museum was inaugurated in 1929. It has various kinds of birds, reptiles Which has been showed lively or stuffed , a companied by a brief information about each animals , and its settlers , its scientific and local names . This museum considers a model for the natural environments in Sudan, it also opening for visitors daily except Monday.
The Khalifas’ House Museum:
This museum is located in the city of Omdurman, which is a place riches with the inheritance of mahadia state era. Formerly it was the premises of Khalifa Abdu Allah Altayshi the successor of the leader of Mahadia Revolution, Imam Mohammed Ahmed Almahdi during the State of Mahadia . This building was constructed in 1887 by the Italian architect Petro. The two floors attached to it was constructed in 1891, and the house had been transferred to a historical Museum in 1928 , it consist of many unique property dated to that period, beside other property returned to pre mahadia State .
Palace Museum:
It was inaugurated officially in 1999, opens for visitors on Friday, Sunday, Wednesday every week. This museum is concern with documenting and preserve of presidential properties and activities of the various periods of the modern Sudan history. It included many of historical and presidential inheritance, as it also include The Presidential Vehicles Wing and the palace library.
Also there are many specific museums that are owned by individuals, beside other museums in the states cities, in addition to the military museum which practice its activity through the contribution in the public and specific exhibitions inside and outside Sudan