Agriculture in Sudan


The Green Nafraa (Mobilization for agriculture)

Sudan has been known with its agricultural diversity resources, if it had better been exploited, it should enable the state to achieve sustainable economic development, and realize welfare for the citizens. Thus, these enormous resources remains hope for the whole world, since by which Sudan has been classified as one of three states in the world that shall expected to contribute in realizing food security internationally. And between the internal hopes and external inspirations, these resources hadn’t been exploited and it needs to be launched in order to achieve a comprehensive agricultural revival that shall fulfill the ambitions of the Sudanese persons in generous life, free will, and progress among nations, also its outcome will be a contribution from the state by providing the food security and a victory against poverty.

The agricultural resources (plants and livestock):

  • Sudan is a world food basket , it is an agricultural state of the first order , characterized by diversity in its agricultural resources such as fertile lands and climatic variety ,and animal wealth in away that can not be found else where except in a few countries in the world :
  • 300-400 million Feddan of fertile lands.
  • 138 million of animals including, (camels, Sheep, Cows, Goats, Horses).
  • Great forest wealth and vast natural pasture.
  • Fish and poultry wealth.

Great National Agricultural Projects:

  1. Gezira Scheme and Managil extension (2.2 million Feddan).
  2. Halfa Algadeda Scheme (500,000 Feddan).
  3. AL rahad Agricultural Scheme (800,000 feddan).
  4. AL souki Agricultural Scheme (85,000 feddan)

Agricultural Systems:

  • Irrigated agriculture, from Dams, Pumps.
  • Mechanical rainy agriculture.
  • Traditional rainy agriculture

Gardening and farms crops:

  • Seeds crops includes: sorghum, millet, corn, rice, and wheat.
  • Oil crops includes: sesame, groundnuts, sun flower.
  • Leguminous crops :
  • Vegetables: Onion, Tomato, Okra, aubergine, Potatoes, Watermelon, cucumber and other green vegetables.
  • Fruits: Mangoes, Bananas, Guava, Oranges, Grape fruits, etc.
  • Perfume and medical plants.

Animals Wealth:

  • Sudan is the first state in the number of animal wealth in the Arab state, and the second in Africa.
  • The number of animal wealth in Sudan calculated about 138 million head of animals including: (camels, Sheep, Cows, Goats, and Horses).
  • Fish stock amounted to 110,000 Ton in the world.
  • Sudan has a diversity animal wealth in Sex and species.
  • Other water creatures are existed in fresh and salt .

The Green Nafra (mobilization) as an integrated program for the Agricultural revival:

The provision of political will, and the state declaration of strategic orientation towards agriculture as the leading sector in economy, that is has been done by the declaration of Green Nafrra in July 2006, and followed by the program of agricultural revival which has been approved , and the implementation of the program for the base year 2006-2007 enter to force, accompanied by mobilization program via the Green Nafraa , all this clear indicators for the success probability of the economical and agricultural development in Sudan . Since Sudan aware with the importance of exploiting its agricultural resources, but the triggered of theses capabilities comprehensively has been delayed for multi reasons.

The Strategic Goal of Green Nafraa (mobilization) :

The Objective of the agricultural Nafraa is to make sustainable, balanced social and economical development in Sudan so as to curb poverty and achieving welfare for Sudan’s people.