Khartoum State:

khartoummapKhartoum (also Al Khartoum) (Arabic: الخرطوم‎) is the national capital of Sudan. It has an area of 22,122 km2 and an estimated population of approximately 7,152,102 (2008). Khartoum  state is divided to 7 lower government level called Al-mahalyat (Arabic : المحليات‎) they translate it as localities, it is similar to districts, Municipalities and they are (Al Khartoum locality (Arabic: محلية الخرطوم‎), Al Khartoum bahri locality (Arabic: محلية الخرطوم بحري‎), Um durman locality (Arabic: محلية أمدرمان‎), Jabal awliya locality (Arabic: محلية جبل أولياء‎), Sharq alneel locality (Arabic: محلية شرق النيل‎),Ombadda locality (Arabic: محلية أمبدة‎), karary locality (Arabic: محلية كرري‎), ).

The Nile & Khartoum the Capital: 3 Niles × 6 banks If you want to spend a good time on a picnic you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Nile or if you want to see a film or play you will find many cinemas and theaters in the different parts of Khartoum as well as play grounds. Hotels & Restaurants Khartoum as a modern capital of the country is full of tourist elements and infrastructures encouraging investment.

In Khartoum there are a number of hotels and pensions of different degrees according to international classification. A number of restaurants, tourist resorts and conference halls are available. The three rivers White Nile, Blue Nile and the Nile formed the geographical map of the Khartoum state divided into three cities (Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum Bahri), each rich of the tourist components. Omdurman tourist attractions this region is located west of the White Nile and the Nile marked by its architectural aspects and the fortresses which featured the Mahdi State period and the old city of Omdurman. The region has many markets and folk industries, beside the land hunting site and the solitary time in the desert. Khartoum tourists attractions Khartoum state is located between the White Nile & the Blue Nile marked by its long shores and different religious and historical buildings, in addition to the Alsunt forest protectorate, Jabal Al-awliyaa Lake and many clubs of rowing and boats, various museums and other aspects and centers of the tourist service. West of Nile tourist attractions It lies north of Omdurman and extends north to the Al-sabaluka waterfalls from the western side of the Nile , full of tourist elements marked by antiquity in addition to historical sites and the features of natural tourism along the Nile and the desert . Jabal Awliyaa tourist attractions This lies south of Khartoum 60 km away on the White Nile and it is known for its Nile tourist facilities at the ALkhazan near to the fishing spots and the places where the migrating and settling birds gather.

Khartoum Bahri tourist attractions It is located east of the Nile with many graves, domes and shady parks on the banks of the Nile river. It contains several archeological sites and extends north.

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