Sudan T.V

In, 1962, Sudan T.V started broadcasting for the first time in the form of tentative broadcast.In1963,sudan T.V was officially inaugurated , and programs were transmitted live .Then the recording system was introduced to record T.V programs on video device in 1968, and the broadcasting hours didn’t exceed three hours a day , which covered the then Khartoum province .

In early seventies, the construction of both microwave network and domestic satellite system (SUDASAT) were the first upswing in the history of T.V transmission in Sudan, and the transmission range expanded to 7 % of the populated areas.

In October 1975 , a first studio for the production of the rural programs was constructed by west Germany aid , which provide the T.V station the required equipments and devices , such as ,Telecine , large – scale video recording , and T.V colored film unit . Sudan T.V station is the one of the oldest station in the Arab and Africa worlds.

In 1989, modern T.V transmission and production equipments, and cameras were introduced. The first uplink satellite station was inaugurated in 1995, and followed by another one in 1996. As a result, Sudan T.V transmission clearly viewed abroad through INTELSAT and ARABSAT. Such boom coped with introduction of modern systems of lighting, non-liner Montage, E-coloring, and editing via computer.

The T.V broadcasts its programs round the day .The satellite transmission is 100% via the following satellites:

The earth station uplink



2-uplink to NILESAT

Downlink ARABSAT B2

Downlink ARABSAT A3


  1. ASIASAT :covers Asia
  2. Nssv: covers Africa.
  3. HISPASAT : covers Latin America
  4. HOTBIRD: covers Europe.
  5. TELLSTAV, 5: covers North America.

Provide its services through the following T.V channels:

  1. Channel one.
  2. Channel tow, service for children in collaboration with spacetoon.



The area of T.V broadcasting


T.V broadcasting has covered wider areas, which in turn gives the channels viewers’ wide options to following channels:

  • Channel one {the general program }
  • Channel tow {Blue Nile T.V }
  • Channel three {Spacetoon}, especially for child.


The T.V sector is undergoing a remarkable boom in digital transmission equipments usage of information technology, and the modern studio, which reflected in the footage.

The introduction of messaging service for the first time is to facilitate the task of the sender and receiver and for great coherence between T.V viewers and the T.V via high-viewing programs.



T.V sector administrative hierarchy:


The T.V sector administrative hierarchy consists of the sector’s head with six main general departments from which came six subs –departments. All the aforementioned departments exert concerted efforts to carry out the T.V sector programming plan.