September 22, 2017

Sudan Academy For Communication Sciences



Sudan Academy For Communication Sciences and Media Training


Evolution and Development:

The information training began in Sudan in 1976 by establishing the National centre for Media Training. Then it followed by the Unity Centre for information, education, and Training.

In 1991 an Act of Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences was issued, and then it was cancelled by 2005 Act, in which it stipulated the belonging of Sudan Academy to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research technically.



  • To raise the performance level of media workers in government media corporations and private sectors institutions, through holding various training courses.
  • To do an applied researches in the field of Information and Communication.
  • To give care to the international languages for communication purposes.
  • To provide technical consultation in the field of Information and Communication.
  • To awarded Academic degrees in Information and Communication Domains.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with the corporations working in media domain nationally, regionally , and internationally .


The infrastructure of Training:

  • Three – Studios – one for Radio and tow for TV.
  • Editing Room.
  • Computer and IT centre
  • A double library provided with modern references in information.


The Administrative Structure:

  • Secretariat of Academic Affairs.
  • General Administration for Training.
  • The Financial Administration.
  • The Administrative Affairs Administration.
  • Public Administration for Engineering and Technical Affairs.
  • The Administration of Information and Public Relations.
  • Computer and IT Administration
  • Administration of Mission and Capacity Development.



  • Population Awareness Centre.
  • Regional Centre for Media Training in African area.
  • Audio-Visual and Multi media Production Centre.



  • The Academy awarded 3-years Diploma in Journalism and Publication – Radio & TV – Public Relations and Advertising. Beside BSc in the above domains.
  • Basic, specialized, and advanced training courses, in information and communication domains and the related sciences.


The Academic Council:

Sudan Academy has an academic Council which concerns with:

  • Approval of Curriculums and the ongoing programs.
  • Approval of Awarded Academic Degrees.
  • Approval of Academic and Financial regulations.
  • Setting the Academic calendar.
  • Approval of the procedures and instructions of Exams.
  • Approval of the annual academic report.


Participation in the International, Regional, and National Organizations:

The Academy has conducted many agreements with the following international institutions:

  • Islamic Organization for Education, Science, and Education (ISESCO).
  • Higher Institute for Information and Communication – Morocco.
  • The Institute of press and News Science – Tunisia.
  • The International Academy for Information Science – Egypt.
  • Radio &TV Institute – Egypt.
  • ‘Bakader’ American Institution.
  • World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO).
  • The Institute for Training and Media qualifying .Yemen.
  • Radio and TV Training Centre – Tunisia.



The Academy has a public Administration which concern with the internal and external training. it organized the training courses in fields of communication science and the related sciences . The strategy of the training based on 70% practically, and 30% theoretically.


Delegations and Conferences:

  • Conference of Directors of Media Training, and Scientific Research Centers in Islamic countries – 10/4/2004.
  • National Workshop on methods of counter the Impacts of satellite media on the Youth Social Values – April 2005.



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