Civilization in Sudan dates back to 3000 B-C Many Kingdoms were established, the strongest of which is the Napatan Kingdom in 8th B-C-, followed by Meroitic Kingdom, which ended in 350 A-D .This was followed by Christian Nubian States, which were founded in the 6th century, the Islamic kingdoms: AL-Funs Islamic State {1505-1821}, Darfur Sultanate, Tagali Kingdom, then the Mahdi State {1885-1898}. All these states and kingdoms lest splendid archeological sites.
barkal Among the main archeological Sites in Sudan is the old Kingdom of Karma Site which reflects civilization extended from 2500-1500 B-C. Bejrawia civilization of the 4th century , Kuru , Menowi , Nuri ,Abu Dom , Nagaa Musawarat , Wad Banga , Tumbus , sai lsland , Taba , Sadinga , Old Dongla , all are in Northen Sudan , representing different kindomes civilizations wich had been emerged since 2500 B.C. left behind py ramids , palaces , temples , and churches .
Other sites are at Sudan East, and Abu Fatma in central Sudan, and Tura and Fashir in western Sudan where Islamic Kingdoms were founded. In Eastern Sudan there is Suakin
moswratIn Omdurman there are the Mahadist starts antiquities such as : Khalifa House Museum , Abdul Gyoum Gate , the fortress in the While Nile Bank . There are some Sudanese archaeological Sites Registered in the International Heritage Record such as :
Jebel Barkal , Nuri , Alkru , Sanam, Abu Doum , Modern Menowi , and Alzouma