Minister of Information Affirms Keenness to Rehabilitate Media Structures

The Minister of Culture and Information, Hamza Balol, has affirmed the state keenness to rehabilitate the infrastructures of the media institutions in all the states in order to ensure their capability in dealing with the information, adding the ministry has consulted the friends of Sudan in this regard, and that the rehabilitation of the media infrastructures will begin by the Blue Nile State.

In his intervention at the Workshop on the Peace Media on Monday, the minister announced that the unified platform for the official spokesperson will be launched shortly to allow the flow of information, explaining that on August 1st the technical training for the media cadres will begin at the Academy of Communication Sciences, after the suspension caused by the Corona pandemic, with the support of the French government. He stressing that efforts are being exerted to remove the obstacles facing the media and to enhance the media environment.

He pointed out that peace press is important and that the building of peace requires great effort, indicating that the impacts of war are still present, stressing the need to work to address these impacts.

He said that the transitional government is keen to boost the principles of the glorious December revolution, calling on the media to follow up and monitor government projects.

He said that peace-building needs real information, stressing the government commitment to remove the bad effects and to dismantle the former regime.

The Minister of Culture and Information announced that the Press and Publications Council will be formed and will be an independent council to support the press by providing a good environment that enables achieving an advanced media that serves the country’s issues.