Jadain meets delegation of Halliburton and the National Nubia

The Minister of Energy and Oil, Engineer Jadain Ali Obeid, welcomed the desire of the American company Halliburton to explore investment opportunities in oil and gas sector in the country

This came when the minister met with the representative of the company, Eric Moto and representatives of the National Nubia Company.

The Minister commended the cooperation between the National Nubia Company and the American company, considering that it will lead to an international partnership that enhances the role of national companies

He confirmed that he is looking forward to the entry of major American companies with modern technologies to the oil sector after the historic visit of Halliburton Company to Sudan.

General Manager of Nubia Company, Iman Khalifa confirmed, according to a statement published by the ministry on its Facebook accounts, that the company has engaged in comprehensive negotiations over the past year with the leadership of Halliburton in Houston to convince them of the merit of entering the Sudanese market, and that lifting sanctions on Sudan provides wide opportunities for the global company Which leads to the recovery and revival of the Sudanese economy.

She stressed the importance of strengthening the relationship and coordination between international and local companies and the expected large role of local national companies and their relations with foreign companies.