Dr. Mariam Meets Bahrain Speaker of House of Representatives

– The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mariam Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, met on Wednesday with the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr. Fawziya Zainal, and a number of Bahraini deputies and got informed on the experience of the House of Representatives in Bahrain.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has praised the efforts exerted for the empowering Arab women and Bahrain’s support for this move, pointing to the need to strengthen parliamentary diplomacy and mutual visits to exchange and to transfer experiences and advanced systems to enhance the political and parliamentary work, especially as Sudan is approaching a new experience of legislative work during the transition.

The minister pointed out that the societal awareness and political will after the glorious December revolution provided equal opportunities and granted women their full rights, and that looking into all laws, pointing to the policies and projects in favor of positive discrimination for women with full commitment to the standards of efficiency, effectiveness and qualification.

She said that the conditions are now favorable for women to be given their full share in the transitional legislative council.

The Foreign Minister has agreed with the Speaker of the House of Representatives.