UAE Al-Hilal Oil Company expresses desire to invest in gas projects


Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of Oil, Gas and Minerals, Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir has expected a major breakthrough in the oil sector. Engineer Abdul-Gadir said, upon receiving the Executive Director of the United Arabs Emirates’ (UAE) Al-Hilal (Crescent) Petroleum Company, Abdullah Al-Ghadi, who arrived in the country Monday, the current situation was the best suitable time for investors to have investments in Sudan in the light of the rise of oil prices worldwide, expecting the lift of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. The minister added that these opportunities contribute significantly to the development of investment activity in the Sudanese oil sector, stressing the continuity of companies desiring to invest in oil, revealing that his ministry has been receiving continuously applications from investors to engage into the oil investment in Sudan “We are ready to help for all those who wish to invest in our country so that everyone benefits”, he said. For his part, Engineer Al-Ghadi expressed his company’s desire to invest into oil projects in Sudan “We have handed over the results of the studies we have conducted in a number of sectors that we would like to enter into in Sudan to Sudapet Company, which is the Sudanese National Oil Company”, he added, stressing that Al-Hilal Petroleum Company has great capabilities in gas industry’s stages from exploration through production to marketing. “We want to engage with Sudapet in the gas projects and we expect everyone to benefit emanating from our successful experiences in the United Arab Emirates,” he said. “With regard to metals we will study how to enter as an investing company or a working company in the field of minerals,” he said, adding that the company has mineral laboratories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.