Tender For Electronic Monitoring System

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Tender For Electronic Monitoring System in

Ministry of Information



Administrative guidelines3-5
Scope of work6-8


Start from 10/10/2018 To 20/11/2018

 Closing Time at 12:00 Pm

Ministry of Information


  1. Introduction

The Ministry of Information is one of the entities that serve its citizens. It represents the media sponsor of both internal and external media and other services that are no longer counted. In order to increase the scope of its services, it was necessary to develop an electronic monitoring system to improve the content to support its objectives and directions. And attributed to the modern electronic boom has become necessary to keep pace with the tremendous progress where the systems are the language of the times.

Since the Ministry of Information wants to achieve its objectives, it must have benefited from all means and means

Modern to achieve.

As part of our efforts to keep abreast of the developments of modern technologies and to benefit from them in facilitating the work of the Ministry of Information, we are offering an electronic monitoring system.

2 . Administrative guidelines

1- Ministry of Informationwelcomes the acceptance of companies with experience and capability to implement (Electronic Monitoring System

) and the preparation and application of the system and provide the necessary training for all managers and developers and users of Electronic Monitoring System.

2.Arabic and English tender documentscan be getfrom the procurement department during official working days or through the authority official website(….)

  1. The companymust pay(…)pounds for tender documents& it is not refundable.

4.The company mustAttachthe following documents:

  • Company Profile
  • legal stamp for the purpose of tender.
  • Clearance of valid tax certificate.
  • Clearance of valid certificate from alzakat
  • Secure the initial letter of bank guarantee or a certified check from a reputable bank addressed tothe ……of Ministry of Informationequal to 2% of the tender and completes the sentence to 10% for wining tender and will be refundable for those who does not win the tender.
  • A copy for company registeration certificate.
  1. The total value must include the VAT value .

6.The winner company will be asked  to sign a contract for the installation and the implementation of the system , and this will be  a week after the  notificationby a formal letter  for their acceptance liberalization of the insurance referred to in paragraph (4) (e) .The contract validity should continue  for one year after the delivery of the system is complete.

  1. The Company must clarify the following: –
  2. Names, qualifications, experienced engineers, programmers and technical information staff who will be responsible for the implementation of the system and these requirements will be applied to companies cooperating with them (if any)..
  3. B. Examples for similar projects they have achieved , especially in (Electronic Monitoring Systems)and TV channels and Radio Stations,satellite channels and FM radio waves, and terrestrial TV and radio broadcast.
  4. Detailed program shows the Action Plan and the time required to complete all the work outlined in the tender starting from the day of signing the contract .

D.A list for systems and software&devices necessary to implement the system.

  1. Clarification of the methodology followed by the company in project management .
  2. The company should bring all the systems, software, and licenses necessary for the implementation of the system whether it is domestic or imported and the payment will be according to the agreement in the contract.
  3. The Brochure tender must be placed inside sealed envelopes marked with (Electronic Monitoring System) to be titled to General ManagerofMinistry of Information.
  4. Company must submit offers (technical proposal – financial offer &trainingoffer,( both training for system administrators and training for users of the system separately with detailed and clarified training plan) in separate envelopes inside the main envelope sealed and labeled (Electronic Monitoring System).
  5. Ministry of Informationis unrestricted to accept less or any other tender.
  6. Ministry of Informationhasthe right to cancel the tender before signing the contract without any obligation or liability from him.
  7. The company shall committed with all security procedures, safety and occupational health followed and proclaimed by the authority and any newfuturechanges on the business.

Ministry of Information


3/General Scope of work:

To develop an electronic Monitoring System (EMS), for the Ministry of Information (Sudan- Khartoum),works in the local network and the reports and outputs from the system should be available to all departments and sections in Ministry of  Information via network .

The requirements of  (EMS):

  • Recording media content ( visual, audio and text).
  • Transcribe and video- edit of media content.
  • Archiving media content.
  • Establishing a report system.
  • Establishing statistical system to assist in making decision.
  1. Electronic Monitoring System ( EMS):

TV channels  and Radio Stations.

The system monitors , satellite channels, short, medium, and FM radio waves, and terrestrial TV and radio broadcast.

Monitoring process:

  • Receiving TV channels, radio broadcasting .and terrestrial TV.
  • Providing computerize support to control the receivers devices in the specified channel and appropriate time.
  • Providing recording for 7/24 channels with the possibility of specifying the time, duration and the repetition for the recorded program.
  • Providing high – quality encoding.
  • 3- month temporarily channel storage (renewable).
  • To identify the original speech with translation using key words search.

2/ Management Process:


  • Provides different editing for any type of resources whether it is radio, TV, newspapers…etc, with the possibility of entering a text and saving them with the content via video or the original audio.

The administrator:

  • The administrator has the right to authorize users according to his/her work in the system (user, report editor, system administrator).
  • The administrator can preview the entered text and do editing( whenever necessary)
  • The administrator can accept or reject the entered texts.
  • The possibility of making a daily inputs report attached with video or audio.
  • Managing all the records, reports and store them in the final archives.

3/connecting process:

1/ via video

  • The system provides a web interface for access to live broadcast or recorded one, providing users with their favorite channels.
  • The web interface is accessible by various devices for instance, office/personal computer (PC), tablet computers, laptop or smart – phone.


  • The main objective of the system is to summarize the important news and present it in a well – organized reports (daily-monthly- occasionally) and distribute it to the concerned decision – maker.
  • The repots can be printed, copied, send via e-mail, or published directly through the social media.

4/ Classification, Archive and search Process:


Before archiving, the content classified for various classification according to its type (news or program), (political or economical).. Etc.


The content is archived in its final form and stored for retrieval later with easy access.


The system provides flexible research engine, as the search is done by using key words (address title), date and classification.


Electronic Monitoring Systemshould be commited to the following :

  • The system should be compatible with NIC standards found in the website nic.gov.sd
  • Most attention should be given to Reports &Statistics for their importance to top management in decision making.
  • The finance system should be compatible with the financial governmental systems & to Sudan financial policies.
  • Electronic Monitoring Systemshould allow all currency transactions according to the exchange rate .

5.Electronic Monitoring Systemshould be bilingual (Arabic / English).

  1. Electronic Monitoring Systemshould be compatible with mobile applications .
  2. The company should provide minimum requirements for hardware (Servers .P.Cs and their specifications)&the Operating System(O.S).
  3. The company should provide a system security plan .

9.The technical proposal should include different usage guides e.g. (Database Schema , Operational User Guide , Maintenance & administrator user guide).

  1. 10. The system should contain Reports that help decision makers in the Departments ofMinistry of Information.

11.Implementation Action Plan should contain all requirements & implementation time.

  1. 12. The company should list a clear Backup Plan.

13 . The company should define the technical & managerial team for the project implementation.

14 . All financial Costs for System implementation should be written in the financial proposal  & no any  new costs will be accepted .

15 .The System should be compatible with open &  closed O.S ,different browsers and all hardware (servers & P.C s).

16 . System user manual should be delivered for (system Administrators’ , Developers & Users ).

  1. 17. The company should list a clear Change Management plan.
  2. 18. The company should put a clear guarantee that insures useracceptance for the system before the final system Acceptance is complete.
  3. 19. Technical proposal for company the license cost /client .


  1. Guarantee and technical support should be minimum an year after the go life implementation for the system & the company that provides moretime will be preferable.
  2. If the company has imported any devices, it should be compatible with Electronic Monitoring System& the guarantee should be minimum three years and their spare parts should be offered by the company.
  3. Companies with past experience in Electronic Monitoring Systemimplementation is preferable.
  4. Systems which present a suitable time for implementation is preferable .
  5. Electronic Monitoring Systemwhich can integrate with technical systems running in Ministry of  Informationis preferable.
  6. If the company imported any devices ,they should be delivered to  Ministry of  Information
  7. Companies may be invited to do a presentation that contains company profile , experience , successful stories, the team which will execute the project & their roles in the project( for winner company ) & after this they will be informed by the time and place for the Electronic Monitoring SystemPresentation before long enough.
  8. The tender committee has the right to sort the tender partially or totally.
  9. For more details about Ministry of Informationyou can visit the website:



Mobile :0912240896

e-mail :aminshuda@yahoo.com


*The obligations and guidelines above will be the base for the criteria for selecting  the winner company .


Conclusion :

Ministry of  Informationwants by this offer to declare their expected needs from the Electronic Monitoring System , so that to get the best and most suitable technical proposal that includes all software , PC Description and every available tools that fulfill the requirements of Ministry of  Information .