SBEF Calls for Renewal of Allegiance to December Revolution on anniversary of October 21

Khartoum  (SUNA) – The Sudanese Businessmen and Employers (SBEF) called on all categories  of the free Sudanese people that overthrew the former regime to unite and give priority to the national interest over personal interests and agendas that will never build a homeland.

The SBEF renewed its support to the Prime Minister’s initiative (Go Forward” to address  challenge facing the revolution  and announced its full support to  address recently delivered  by  the Prime Minister.

In a press statement issued today, the SBEF has called for not giving a chance for enemies  of the democratic transition  from , military and civil components.

The statement  called for  necessity of commitment of all parties  to the Constitutional Document , achievement of justice, independence of the Judiciary, protection of the Removal of Empowerment Committee along with  review of its performance , speeding up  completion of the  transitional period structures  and  restructuring  the regular forces  and formation of one Sudanese army.