Musa: Government has short-term program in preparation for next constitutional phase

Political News

Khartoum,  (SUNA) – The Prime Minister Mutaz Musa has said that the new national reconciliation government has a short-term program in preparation for the next constitutional phase. In his address to the cabinet on Saturday, the Prime Minister hailed the initiative of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers in implementing such programs aiming at reaching common ground among all the ministers. He gave directives to the ministries to provide the media organs with their programs of work plans, stressing the importance of updating their websites continuously. Musa pointed out that the siege that targeted Sudan in its gains was not a blockade of resources, but it was a ban that to prevent the Sudanese people not to be a model to be followed by others. For his part, Minister of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers Ahmed Saad Omar said that the program aimed at providing the ministerial leaderships with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them perform their tasks in the best way. The program reviewed a set of working papers including the State Action Plan, the macro policies and a minister’s relationship with the Council of Ministers and the National Legislative.