August 23, 2017

Sudan commends outstanding relations with South Korea, invites Korean companies and investors to Khartoum



Khartoum, (SUNA)- Sudan’s Minister for Information and government spokesman, Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, reaffirmed that Sudan’s ports remain always open before investors, particular those from Asia and sour Korea specifically, pinpointing that South Korean products have nowadays become very popular in the country due to their high quality.

Dr. Ahmed Bilal said investment laws in the Sudan are simple and investor friendly and that those coming to invest here will find not only good investment laws but equally all the sources that need to be invested in, referring to the fact that Sudan is now the gate for many African neighbors and that therefore it was in the best interests of countries and companies to come ad invest in the Sudan.

The Minister in an inte4rview with the correspondent of the South Korean news agency YONHAP, Han Sang Yong who was visiting Khartoum that lifting the economic sanctions help open the doors before the investing companies that have rushed into the Sudan seeking investment opportunities.

The minister stressed that Sudan remains more secure and stability that many a country in the region.

Osman has underlined that that the Sudan work to deal with the present American administration led by President Trump from the stand point of the mutual and joint interests and that Sudan would seek to have the name of the country removed from the list of countries Washington considers sponsors of international terrorism, referring in this regard to the cooperation between the USA and the Sudan in matters related to combatting terrorism.

The minister commended the relations between the Sudan and South Korea ad that Sudan looks forwards to more cooperation in the economic and investment domains, referring to the fact that the two countries are today seeing the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Kora and the Sudan.

The Minister further pointed to the Korean commodities and products in the Sudan saying there are huge opportunities for Korean investment in the Sudan which enjoy huge resources such as petroleum, gas , minerals ad even uranium. He said what lacks in the country is the investment in the basic infrastructures.

He further referred to the level of security and stability witnessed by the Sudan, compared to many of the neighboring countries, saying Sudan looks forwards to more cooperation with south Korea in the cultural and media fields where the Sudan news agency has initiated a process of cooperation its Korean counterpart, to serve Sudan’s interests and to help open up to the world and disseminate accurate information reflecting the development and progress in the country.

The minister concluded by promising to invite the correspondent of the Korean news agency to visit the Sudan once again and to site see the areas of the pyramids in the Sudan and other touristic areas in the country.

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