Economist warns against creating alternative bodies for ministries


Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Economic Expert and Analyst Dr. Haitham Mohamed Fathi has warned from the establishment of bodies, councils or commissions alternatives to the ministries that have been merged or canceled by the recent decrees issued by the Presidency of the Republic in the framework of addressing the constitutional slack and containment of the negative effects of the economic problem experienced by the country. Dr. Fathi called for the formation of a committee to prepare an integrated study to determine the standards and criteria for the establishment of localities in accordance with the interests of the citizens and meet the development needs away from the lavish spending in the quotas and political balancing that harmed the country. The economic analyst criticized the practice and mistakes accompanied the implementation of the experience of decentralized governance, which he considered as the most successful experiences for the administration of countries, especially for a country like Sudan of multi-ethnic and very big country, indicating that the reform of the state must take into account the control of spending and civilized behavior in dealing with citizens.