Economist criticizes foreign exchange bill


Khartoum, June 5 (SUNA) – The Researcher and Economic Analyst Dr. Haytham Mohamed Fathi has sharply criticized the foreign exchange bill, describing it as harmful to the national economy of the country.

Dr. Fathi, in statement to SUNA, called on the concerned authorities to subject this bill to further study and discussion with the participation of all concerned parties such as economists, the private sector, expatriates, investors and others, pointing out that the bill prohibits the acquisition of gold and foreign exchange only in accordance with the regulations set by the Bank of Sudan a matter that contradicts the Islamic Sharia, which allowed the acquisition, sale, purchase and trade in general.

He added that solving the economic problem that the country is going through now is to increase production and productivity to upturn the volume of exports and replace imports to support reserves of the country of foreign exchange with the reduction of government spending to the maximum degree.