Al-Siddiq Al-Mahdi: Experience of Past Two Years Helped Drawing up Road-Map for Transformation

Member of the Central Bureau of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Engineer Al-Siddiq Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, warned that there are forces against the revolution that seek to pull the Sudanese people back, indicating that the experience of the past two years has helped drawing up a clear road map for the process of democratic transformation.

At a press conference of the Forces of Freedom and Change at SUNA on Saturday, Al-Mahdi work is ongoing to reform the Forces of Freedom and Change, pointing to the efforts to establish the Legislative Council and to complete the power structures as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the member of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Mubarak Bakhit stressed their commitment to the constitutional document, the peace agreement, implementation of the security arrangements and the democratic transformation.

He emphasized the importance of realizing the transitional justice and handing over the wanted persons to the International Criminal Court in accordance with the decision approved earlier by the Council of Ministers.